Yosi Leon – CV
Holder of valid British and Israeli passports, and Israeli press card.

1990 – Graduated in film and TV studies at the leading “Beit Zvi Film School“, in Ramat Gan, Israel, specializing in photography. The studies embraced all aspects of film making.

1991 “Gates of Return
Graduation work at film school, won the First Prize at the International Students Film Festival Tel Aviv 1991.

Primetime War“1998
Commissioned by Channel 4, United Kingdom, it won the First Prize at the International Actual Awards Barcelona 1998.

2001 “Between the Lines
Winner of the First Prize in the “Freedom of Spirit Award”, Jerusalem International Film Festival 2001.

2006 “Song of Life
Was officially selected for the “Haifa-Boston Panel” and crowd favorite at the Haifa International Film Festival 2006.

Professional experience 1991-2014

Independent lighting cameraman, director and director of photography for leading broadcasters, production houses
and private clients around the globe, specializing in TV documentary, corporate, promotional and nature films.

Broadcasters include:
National Geographic Channel International, Discovery, ARTE, ORF, BBC, CH 4 (UK), ZDF, NRK DR1, TVE, PBS, CBC, Singapore TV, Israel Ch.1 & 2, Educational TV etc’


My documentary projects include:

Director: 6 part series for the “Israel Nature and Parks Authority” for their 50 anniversary.
Cinematographer: “My Tel Aviv” a documentary running 40 min for ORF (Austrian TV)
about the city Tel Aviv.

Cinematographer and fixer: “The Marshal Story” A TV film searching for ones roots.
Commissioned by Verite films for Singapore TV.

Cinematographer: “Witnesses. Why we are telling?” Independent Documentary about witnesses from the Crystal Night in Austria at 1938. Director: Hermann Weiskopf.

Cinematographer (in Israel): “ Iranian Taboo” a feature documentary about the Bahia’s in Iran. Directed by Reza Allamehzadeh.
Cinematographer and Director: “The Fire of Gamla” Documentary about the recovery of the vultures population and flora after the fire. Made for the Israel Nature & Parks Authority.

Cinematographer: “Vehicles on Their Own” A TV program about different vehicles: air, sea and ground, with no operators. Commissioned by Singapore TV.

Cinematographer and Director: “Who’s Left” a 50 min Independent documentary about the left wing fighter Dan Leon. Jerusalem International Jewish Film Festival.

Cinematographer: “Disengagement – The Making Of” 30 min documentary about Amos Gitay’s feature film. Staring Juliette Binoche.

Cinematographer. “The Cloud Mystery” 52 Min
Documentary concerning global climate changes
Broadcaster: TV 2 / Denmark, Arte
Dir: Lars Mortensen, Denmark

Cinematographer and Director. “The Menorah Caves
Documentary made for the Israel Nature & Parks Authority

Cinematographer and Director: “Song of Life” 50 Min.
Haifa International Film Festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia
Broadcaster: Israel Channel 1.

Cinematographer and Director. “The Biblical Tels“.
Commissioned by the UNESCO International Organization.

Cinematographer and Producer: “El Jisar” 48 Min.
Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival
Broadcaster : Channel 2 Israel.
Dir: Abtisam Marana

Cinematographer and Producer: “Shooting Conflicts” 47 Min.
Broadcaster: Arte,Discovery -Times (US), Canal+, Odissea Spain
Dir: Noam Shalev.

Cinematographer: “Among The Settlers” 90 Min.
A 2 x 45′ documentary series commissioned by PBS New York
Dir: Bob Abeshouse.

Cinematographer and Producer: “Saving The Sea Turtles“.
A documentary made for Israel Nature & Parks Authority.

Cinematographer: “More Weddings and Another Funeral
A five part series following ceremonial weddings in Israel.
Commissioned by National Geographic Channel.

Cinematographer and Producer: “Between the Lines” 50 Min
Winner “of the 1st Prize in the “Freedom of Spirit” Award, Jerusalem International Film
Festival 2001
Broadcaster – Discovery Channel, CH 8 Israel
Dir: Yifat Kedar.

Cinematographer: “Ecstasy” 6 x 30 Min
A six part series following ecstatic religious ceremonies in Israel.
Commissioned by National Geographic Channel.

Director and Producer: “Circles of Belief
A 10 year follow up on the life of a “Reborn Jew” and his family.
Broadcaster- Channel 2 Israel, ORF Austria

Cinematographer: “Journey to Jerusalem” 50 minutes
Commissioned by National Geographic Channel.
Dir: Noam Shalev

Cinematographer and Producer: “Soldier No. 1
A documentary film on PM Ehud Barak’s life.
Commissioned by DR-1
Director: Ole Sippel

Cinematographer of “Der Pfad auf dem Ich wandle
Documentary for ORF.
Dir: Renata Schmidtkuny.

Cinematographer and Producer “Primetime War
A documentary film about two cameramen, an Israeli and a Palestinian,
filmed during one year.
Winner of the First Prize at the International Actual Awards (Barcelona ’98).
The film was commissioned by Channel 4 (UK) and broadcasted by more than 20 TV stations around the world.