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  • December 21, 2014


TV crew in Israel, shooting the Making off of the film “Disengagement” (Part 2)

So we, the TV crew from Israel, were shooting the Making Of of the film “Disengagement” directed by Amos Gitai.

The fact that Amos likes to create really long shoots gave us a lot of time to do our work including interviewing Berger the Director of Photography, The Israeli actors and Amos himself.

During the three days we were there Amos was shouting his orders ACTION and CUT controlling together with his crew hundreds of extras playing police troops, angry settlers and Palestinians who were filmed behind a high fence that was built especially on the site.

After the three days we felt we had enough footage for the story the Austrian TV wanted and also for the Making Of but somehow we didn’t yet shoot the interview with Juliette Binoche who each day had a different reason to postpone the interview with her.

Friday was the last day of the filming of “Disengagement”, Troops of police broke down the gate of the settlement and confronted the settlers. Finally Amos Gitai shouted: IT’S A RAP, the police extras and most of the crew were on their way home, and we were told to wait for the interview with Juliette Binoche at her make up cabin.

At top speed we built a nice set just in time to hear she changed her mind and decided to be interviewed outside, on the sands, with a tree with beautiful  yellow flowers in the background. Quickly we arranged some reflectors and built a new set for the interview.

All was ready when Juliette’s assistant looked at our monitor and whispered something in Juliettes ear. Juliette looked at me and asked if I could put more light on her. When I told her the light was perfect she suggested I turn over the reflector to get more light on her face. Honestly I did not want to change the spectacular set but on the other hand I was afraid Juliette would cancel our interview.

Finally she said in a low quiet voice “Do as I say!“. I did it, turned the reflector so that she had maximum light on her. Once the interview was done Juliette smiled and asked us: How was I guys? I told her she spoke beautifully but because of the strong light we lost the unique background of the yellow flowers.  “You, camera men around the world are the same” she said looking into my eyes “You all care for the background not for Juliette!”



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