Wise Use at the Ein Afek Wetland

Returning Home the Biblical Wild Animals

Song Of The Mediterranean Sea

Roxan. My best Yoga Teacher is demonstrating a Yoga Vinyasa

Song of Life trayler

CITES Tel Aviv 2015


Corporate film for the Weizmann Institute aimed for American donors

Memorial film for the Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon from the ‘Colombia’ spaceship

Promotional film for Product Tale Startup company

Parts of a documentary film shoot for the Singapore TV

The Biblical Tells, Megiddo, Hazor and Beer Sheva


Between the lines

Gates of return

The Cloud Mystery

Shooting Conflicts

Disengagement – The Making Off

The “ALMA” Play In Jerusalem

A film made for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Good Morning Masada

A Life Once Lived

Preserving Israel’s Wild Flowers

Short film, edited from archive footage, encouraging visitors to visit Masada

Ein Gedi National Reserve

The Weizmann Institute

Yoga Teachers Training