Shooting a Yoga clip with Roxy

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  • July 14, 2015


The goal I set for myself was to shoot a video where Roxanne Stolk, my yoga teacher for many years, shows here capabilities in yoga practice in an interesting and unique way.

At first I asked her to prepare a Vinyasa (a series of exercises) that she can perform a number of times, at different sites, being accurate in a way that I can edit as if it was preformed once.

After I was informed by Roxy she has the Vinyasa ready I went to the location hunt. I found different sites with a lovely backdrop where we can shoot comfortably within a small distance between each location.

On the morning of the day, after we chose a garment that will fit in the views filmed, we went Roxy and I, accompanied by her husband Boaz and Yael the still camerawomen to shoot our clip.

קליפים ליוגה

For this shooting I used a Canon C100 video camera with a 17-55 / 2.8 lens.

To ensure that images will be alike in the different locations I made sure that the distance between the camera and Roxy will be the same in all locations and I worked on a fixed zoom of 50 mm.

The biggest challenge in this project was of course depnding on Roxanne, since she had to perform the Vinyasa accurately in all locations.

We managed to shoot in 6 different locations including Roxanne’s Yoga Mala Studio. While editing I decided to delete the Studio shoots since they did not fit the natural landscapes of seaside sand dunes we were visiting before.

After many hours of editing along with Boaz and Roxanne we managed to create a flow of accurate movement that in a way looked like shooting on green screen.

After completing the image editing Roxy and Boaz prepared the soundtrack that accompanies the clip.

Attached is the clip for you to enjoy:

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